What Goes on in a Recruiter’s Mind When Evaluating Talent

Jan Tegze
9 min readMar 7, 2023
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Over the years, I’ve asked myself thousands of questions about how recruiters find and measure the potential of their candidates. What factors and criteria do they consider when conducting their search? How do they go about the search process? Are recruiters identifying candidates based on their potential or only factors like keywords and job titles?

And I spent countless hours, weeks, and months trying to understand it better and get better insights into these mysteries. However, instead of finding clear answers, I encountered one puzzle after another.

After conducting dozens of tests, I finally found answers to many of my questions. Since sharing is caring, I will discuss the results of my recent recruitment test results, assumptions, and findings in this article. However, while the group of participants in this test was significant, a larger group would have provided more accurate results.

Recruitment Test

For some time, I’d been eager to understand further what recruiters look for when reviewing resumes. With the purpose of seeking out more information, I decided to design a small recruitment test.

To make sure I had accurate and precise data, I employed resources such as Microsoft Clarity, Google Analytics, and others to monitor…



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