Sourcing.Games — a year has passed

Sourcing.Games in Data

  • More than 17K+ unique users play these games and the number is growing.
  • I redesign the website 4 times per year and change the system 3 times.
  • Sourcing.Games has 12 games, 74 levels and more will come.
  • I had to replace 3 levels to keep the games valid.
  • You can play the first game in Czech, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and French language.

Users by time of day

  • Game 1–31% finished this game
  • Game 2–29% finished this game
  • Game 3–17% finished this game
  • Game 4–23% finished this game
  • Game 5–17% finished this game
  • Game 6–11% finished this game
  • Game 7–8% finished this game
  • Game 8–3% finished this game

Questions I am regularly asked:

  • I am stuck, can you help or give me hints?
  • Why there is no leaderboard?




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Jan Tegze

Jan Tegze

Author of bestseller “Full Stack Recruiter”, #Recruiter, Dream Chaser, Creator of impossible, #BlackBerry fan (probably the only one).