(R)evolution in Recruitment

Recruitment and Technology

Pre-Computer Era

Pre-Web Era

World Wide Web Era

After the Y2K Era

LinkedIn started May 5, 2003; its growth was slow at first — around 20 signups on some days — now (2015) it’s around two new users per second.

Era of Social Network Recruitment

What will recruitment look like in five or ten years?

Modern recruiters make the company’s talent brand come to life through the candidate’s experience and interactions with them! — Jennifer McClure, Unbridled Talent

Darwin was right — if you want to survive, you need to evolve. Happy evolving. :)



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Jan Tegze

Jan Tegze

Author of bestseller “Full Stack Recruiter”, fullstackrecruiter.net #Recruiter, Dream Chaser, Creator of impossible, #BlackBerry fan (probably the only one).