Hacking Google Custom Search Engine

Jan Tegze
4 min readMar 15, 2017

As a recruiter or sourcer, you are x-raying the same sites over and over again, in all corners of the Internet, looking for new candidates or hidden resumes lost somewhere in the pile of data. Sometimes, is just really time consuming and you can also make a few errors when you are typing the Boolean strings into the search field. Sometimes Google tries to slow you down with its evil Captchas, just because they think that your fast pasting search string into their search field is just another hacker attack. :)

But, luckily, there is a simple solution regarding how you can save time searching and not to be slowed down by Google captchas and that will make your sourcing job more productive. And the solution is called Custom Search Engine.

Many recruiters have never heard about Custom Search Engine (CSE) from Google. Google Custom Search allows users to feature web searches and refine queries based on Google Search. CSE has been provided by Google from 2006, and it’s a very handy tool for recruiters and sources. Not only will it help you to build custom search engines for your team, it is the easy way to quickly find targeted candidates’ resumes on the web.

It’s very easy to build and anyone can create his/her own search engine. It allows one to create and select what website will be used to reach information; it also helps to remove from search results any sites that shouldn’t be there. CSE has many functions and can be customized in many ways. And you can bookmark your search engine with the sites that you are x-raying and even share with other people from your team.

Building search engines with Google doesn’t provide you with different results than a regular Google search would, but you will get your own Google search that refines the results and removes the sites that you should add into the search results.

Benefits of Custom Search Engine

  • It’s free!
  • You can automate frequent search strings
  • You can use the Google Boolean search syntax
  • Your own Google will be part of your website or just as a link.
  • You don’t have to save your search strings
  • You can create more CSE focusing on specific fields
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