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Jan Tegze
5 min readJan 18, 2023
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We all know LinkedIn is a powerful tool for job seekers as it allows them to connect with potential employers and showcase their professional brand not only via their LinkedIn profiles but also via every activity they do on the platform.

Being active on LinkedIn is more important than you can think, as it can greatly increase your chances of being noticed by recruiters and hiring managers!

Staying Active on LinkedIn Increases Job Visibility for Candidates

I conduct multiple tests every year to identify successful and unsuccessful strategies for both job seekers and recruiters in order to gain deeper insights into the job market and enhance my understanding of our industry. Some of these tests can be completed within a few days, while others may take several months or even a whole year. For instance, I conducted such a test during the previous year.

I devoted my research efforts to uncovering the correlation between the activity levels of job candidates and the number of InMails and connection requests received from recruiters. This curiosity was sparked while I was writing a book, Job Search Guide: Be Your Own Career Coach, and trying to comprehend the impact of a candidate’s activity on job search visibility and success on LinkedIn.

To gather data for my research, I created several fictitious candidates, each with a different level of activity, and monitored closely how that affected the number of InMails and connection requests they received.

What I found was eye-opening, allowing me to better understand the job market and equip employees with better tools and information to find a new job.

I conducted a study comparing the activity levels of two developer candidates with similar profiles in the same location, both of them started with hundred people in their network. The only difference was that the first candidate was consistently active (2 posts every week) on LinkedIn, accepting invitations, resharing, commenting, etc., while the second one only accepted invitations, and posted content every three to four weeks with no further activity. The results revealed that the active candidate received 7.9 times more InMails and connection requests than the…



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