Does the Perfect Hire Really Exist?

Jan Tegze
6 min readSep 3, 2021

Most companies are in search of the ‘perfect hire’ for their open roles. It’s understandable because every company requires the ‘best fit’ employees to thrive. Top achievers are the backbone of any business. Therefore, after successfully hiring these stellar candidates, companies can pat themselves on the back, knowing that they have the best hands on deck.

But the reality is far from that: the perfect hire doesn’t exist. It’s almost a myth. In reality, a company can only hire the ‘best’ that is available on the market — in a pool of interested candidates, not the best available in the industry.

And if that person even exists, they are already happily employed. Only a small percentage of companies have enough money and interesting projects that could convince the best people in their field to work for them. And the “Best” is also a relative term.

Year after year, organizations toss great amounts of cash at finding the ‘perfect candidate,’ and because they are holding out for the ‘perfect’ hire that never comes, sadly many positions remain unfilled for a long period and this affects business and their plans.

Hence, the ‘best hire’ myth becomes a problem for them and costs the company money.

The Myth Behind the Best Hire

Hiring the right candidates for any organization is a challenge. The first thing to recognize regarding hiring is forgetting the notion that a candidate can be perfect. The perfect hire is a dream of anyone who is hiring people, but they don’t exist, as we all know. No one is perfect.

Finding that one hire that meets every single criterion in the job description is difficult, especially when hiring managers are looking for somebody with ten years of experience in a technology that has only been on the market for five years, not to mention a candidate who will become an impeccable fit with the company culture.

It’s great to think that the best hire is available and search for them in their industry; however, if that person is available — which is a big if — the candidate will be contented with their present job.



Jan Tegze

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