8 Warning Signs That You’re Burning Out At Work

Jan Tegze
7 min readApr 22, 2021
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Most people live hectic lifestyles, enduring high levels of stress, working overtime, meeting tight deadlines, and so on. Well, no matter how sturdy and resilient we think we are, there is a time when all the stress we subject ourselves to, and all the tense conditions at our workplace take a toll on our mind and body.

Everything seems too complicated, and everybody is annoying, the only thing your brain seems to be craving is plenty of sleep. You are also very touchy, irritable, and start experiencing various health issues, like frequent headaches, colds, stomach issues, and fever.

You need to know when you are heading toward a “burnout,” it is the stage when your mind refuses to work properly, you are nerve-wracked, and your body feels like it has run a marathon. You cannot seem to find sufficient resources to get up in the morning and carry out your day in a regular manner.

A burnout can do a lot of damage to your health if you don’t stop it promptly because it weakens your body’s defense system.

Here are eight signs that tell you if burnout is just around the corner:

1. Your motivation disappears

Remember how you felt like you can move mountains when you started working at your current job? Well, when you’re burned out, motivation seems to be just a distant memory, something that is completely missing from your life at the moment.

You can’t find enough desire to get going in the morning and to perform the tasks you usually do. Work now is a form of daily punishment, the sole idea that you have bills to pay and you need a paycheck for this is the one that is pushing you out of bed every morning.

2. Negative emotions take over

As mentioned before, burnout can affect you emotionally as well, making you more prone to developing negative emotions, such as cynicism, frustration, disappointment, and so on.

You start to care less about what you are doing, not seeing any importance in your actions anymore, as you will embrace a more pessimistic view of things. While it is not out of the ordinary to experience negative feelings now and then, it is important to notice when they…



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